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  • What are the fees for each tournament?
    Each tournament costs $395.00 per player
  • Does Sonics Lacrosse reserve hotel blocks for tournaments?
    We do not typically reserve hotel blocks for our teams, with the nationwide nature of our program we leave accommodations to each family.
  • When do players receive jerseys?
    Typically, new players will receive jerseys at our shoot around practice the night before each tournament. Current players will continue to use the green Sonics jersey all of 22’
  • When are training camps?
    Training camps are typically held twice a year, dates will be updated on our website with registration information.
  • Who will coach the team?
    We have an incredible staff of coaches with experience at all levels. Although we like the continuity of keeping our coaches with specific teams it is not always possible.
  • What if there is a conflict with your home club?
    Sonics Lacrosse is strictly supplemental! Your home club is a priority, and we understand that.
  • What is the commitment to play for Sonics Lacrosse?
    The beauty of our program is it is “al la carte”, we build close relationships with all our players and families whether they participate in all available events or just one. We do expect players to honor their commitment with us and understand how scheduling conflicts can arise. Give us as much run up time as possible so we can play accordingly.
  • What is the $100.00 jersey fee?
    This is a one-time fee for our jersey kit consisting of purple/gold reversible, shorts, & shooting shirt, all provided by our sponsor LEGENDS.
  • How do I register?
    Tournament/Event schedule will always be listed with registration links at the bottom of our website. League Apps account is REQUIRED for registration.
  • How many players do you carry for a tournament?
    We generally look to carry 5 attack; 6 middies; 6 long poles (including 2 LSM); 2 goalies; & 1 specialist for our youth teams, 2 often for our HS teams.
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